24th March 2018 – Introduction to Dermal Fillers

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Dermal Fillers Training


Dermal Fillers trainingIntroduction Course to Dermal Fillers Only






As our training courses are for medical professional please note that you must have a medically recognised qualification to attend our dermal fillers course.
On the day of the training you will be required to bring your professional body registration documents (eg. NMC, GMC, GDC)
and a form of photo ID (passport, work ID card etc) as proof of identity on the day of the course
otherwise you may not be allowed to participate in the practical session.


International delegates will be required to send their medical qualification certificates for verification,
confirming their country of origin.
The Aesthetox Academy Foundation Dermal Filler course introduces delegates to another extremely popular and effective treatment in the removal and improvement of facial lines.  This training is comprehensive in all aspects with particular emphasis on the practical sessions.


The Dermal Fillers training is comprehensive in all aspects of incorporating these procedures into your patient practice.  Some wrinkles are best improved using Botulinum Toxin, and others (static wrinkles) using Dermal Filler.  And of course, fillers can also be used for restoring volume and fullness to the skin, and other facial enhancement (see our Masterclass for Dermal Fillers).


It is important to learn about when to use toxin and when to use fillers, as these two treatments will compliment one another.  Our expert trainers will give you the knowledge of how the two injectables can improve different wrinkles and problem areas, and which product you would use where, in order to achieve optimum results in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, and resulting in a happy patient.



Dermal Fillers Only – Course Programme Timetable (afternoon)


 1.45 pm    Introduction  to fillers
        – Materials available
– Temporary / Permanent fillers
– Uses
– Avoiding complications
  2.00 pm    Local Anaesthesia
     – Pharmacology
– Mode of action
– Cautions
– Tips
  2.15 pm    Practical Demonstration
   – Topical / Local Infiltration
– Blocks
– Filler Injections
  2.45 pm    Break
  3.00 pm    Delegate practical sessions
   – Local anaesthesia
– Filler injections
– Advanced techniques
 5.15 pm    Questions and summing up
 5.30 pm    Certification, feedback sheets and take home information   packs


Refreshments and lunch  provided on the course are included in the above prices.
**Courses fully certified and accredited by Hamilton Fraser Insurance Services


Purchasing a course indicates that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.





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Dermal Fillers Course Guarantee


We guarantee to have 1 trainer to every 5 delegates ensuring we provide the very best training standards. All of our courses are recognised and accredited by Hamilton Fraser Insurance. As well as learning the evidenced based theory behind the use of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers for eyes and other facial areas, our trainers provide demonstrations of all the treatments and our practical sessions will have you carrying out these treatments on live models with one to one tuition.





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